*"Gives an opportunity to share information
with other individuals who care about our
*"Uses outdoor, hands-on experience for
*"Itís hands-on and teamwork is necessary."
*"I really liked everything."
*"Being in the woods with nature and things
was great."
*"Had good locations for the individual
stations; it gave a real feel for the subject."
*"You learn while having fun."
*"I loved the whole experience!"
*"Great program!"
*"Liked the spirit of the people."
*"It felt like a meaningful experience and the
people were fun and interesting."
*"Impressive enthusiasm of students and
*"Excellent way the tests were set up and the
teams were switched."
"Participation in the Envirothon is a great way
for students to get directly involved in learning
about all aspects of the environment. Itís a
practical hands on approach that allows the
students to explore the environment and to
challenge each other with new ideas and
Michelle Black, Falconer Central School.
"It's so refreshing to work with young people
w ho are sincerely interested in the things I care
so much about; the environment, wildlife,
Scott Lewellen, Maple Grove High School.
Past Envirothon Winners
2001 1
Falconer Central School
2002 1
Falconer Central School
2003 1
Southwestern Central High School
2004 1
Maple Grove High School
2005 1
Southwestern Central High School
2006 1
Southwestern Central High School
April 27, 2007
Cockaigne Ski Center
Cherry Creek, NY
A Program of:
Chautauqua County
Soil and Water
Conservation District
For More Information Contact
David Wilson, District Field Manager
Chautauqua County SWCD
Frank W. Bratt Ag Center
3542 Turner Rd.
Jamestown, NY 14701
(716)664-2351 Ext.3
What is the Envirothon?
The Envirothon is an academic competition for high
school students that focus on environmental
What is its purpose?
To cultivate students' desire
to learn more about the
environment and develop a
greater appreciation of it.
Who may compete?
Students in grades 9-12.
How is the Envirothon organized?
Teams spend 30 minutes at each of the 5
ecosystem stations being tested in soils, forestry,
aquatics, current issues and wildlife.
What makes the Envirothon unique?
The stations utilize
"hands-on" activities,
outdoor learning and fun.
Who supports it?
The Envirothon is organized by the Chautauqua
County Soil & Water Conservation District with help
of numerous organizations and volunteers.
Monetary and other support is provided by the
Lakewood Rod & Gun Club, Jamestown Audubon
Society, National Grid, Many Rod & Gun Clubs and
many others organizations and businesses. The
Award Medallions are provided through a grant by
the Jamestown Rotary Club.
What's in it for students?
*Outdoor learning and fun
*T-shirt, mug
*Certificate of participation
*Winning teams receive a team plaque and
individual medals
*First place team goes to the NYS
Envirothon at SUNY Oswego.
*Grades 9-12
*Maximum 5 students per team
*Take exams as team
*All students on a team from same school
*Maximum 2 teams per school
*Preparation is optional, but most teams study
*Most preparation can be independent
Assistance Available
*Any interested adult
*Don't have to know the subjects
*Responsible for references
*Help team by: holding resources, structuring
a study time, giving encouragement and help
*1 or 2 advisors per team
*An adult must accompany teams to the
Assistance Available
*Subject outlines, reference lists
*Sample tests
*Many references provided
*Workshops held to help prepare teams
Lunch Time Entertainment
Chautauqua County Envirothon
Advisory Committee:
David Wilson, Chairman
Chautauqua County SWCD
Debra Kelley & David Spann
Chautauqua County SWCD
Christine Davis Mantai - SUNY Fredonia
Kenneth Mantai - Wildlife Judge
SUNY Fredonia
Janis Bowman -Aquatics Judge
Jamestown Comm. College
Rob Halbohm - Soil Judge
NRCS District Conservationist
Bruce Robinson - Forestry Judge
Bruce Robinson, Inc.
Nathan Wright - Current Issues Judge -
Nation Grid
Albert Brown, Committee Member
Michelle Black - High School Teacher
Falconer Central School